All items are handcrafted ~ and therefore are unique.

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Beautiful eight-and-a-half inch Selenite Wand

This hand-crafted 8-1/2" selenite wand is capped with a one-inch clear crystal sphere, and is enhanced with two peridot, one amber, and one facetted iolite, cabochons.

It exudes a gentle energy which may mislead the unwary to underestimate its potential power for healing in all aspects of health, environmental imbalance and negative situations.

Please email for more details.

Ref: 002

Ten inch selenite wand

The 'capping' egg sphere on this wand is an opaque grey with accumulations. The silver wire twisting down the wand enhances the directional energies of the wand.

The cabochons are malachite, pink moonstone, pale yellow tiger's eye and aragonite.

This is a physically weighty wand to hold and has energies to match.

For more information please email

Ref 003

A five-and-a-half inch Selenite Wand

This wand is unusual because of its semi-circular front and flat back.  It is 5-1/2" long and rests beautifully in the palm of the hand, kamking it ideal to use with fractious children and nervous animals.

It has a soft, feminine energy that radiates effortlessly around its objective.

Email wanda_lustre for more information.


Ref: 004

This very simple 9-1/2" selenite wand is topped with a one inch yellow calcite crystal 'egg'.

It would be easy to overlook this wand because of its simplicity, but that would be a shame.

This wand will make an ideal 'gift-with-a-difference.

Email for more information.


Ref 005 

An intricate seven inch Selenite Wand

This beautiful hand crafted wand is capped with a faceted clear quartz with gold rutilated crystal sphere.  Plated silver and 9c gold twisted wire run the length of the blade.

A triangular amathyst, oval labradorite and garnet cabochons are embedded in the selenite.

It is a 'charming' wand that promises to work well with the right partner.
It's beauty makes it a wonderful and unique gift for that 'special someone' in your life.


Ref: 006

Slender nin-and-three-quarter inch Selenite Wand

This 9-3/4" selenite wand is capped with a pale green fluorite crystal 'egg' which complimentsthe cleansing energies of the host wand and creates a powerful tool when the need for mental balance and tranquility during meditation are required.

The flattened blade of this wand creates an unusual energy that is deceptively energetic.

Please email for more information.


Ref: 007

This 'blue' wand has an amazing energy...

Itis capped with blue lace agate, banded by turquoise, and has lapis lazulite, blue onyx and black moonstone cabochons, and tipped is lapis lazulite.

Please email for more information.

Ref: 008

This 'Green' wand is capped with a new jade Egg, is banded by moonstone, and has  moonstone, abalone (mop)and  jade cabochons, with a moonstone tip.

Ref: 009

This seven inch handcrafted spiralled wand, has a very 'solid' powerful energy.

Ref: 010

Tagged by all the children who have seen this wand as 'The Unicorn Wand', this 7 inch wand has plated silver and gold twisted wires spiralling down the wand to enhance the amber and citrine cabochons.

For more information, please email


Ref: 011 

Five and a half inch rutilated quartz capping sphere with turquoise cabochons.


This chunky little an amethyst sphere and cabochon and carnelian cabochon and tip is six inches long.


At just over four inches long this unusual wand with clear quartz chips on hand wand also has an 'angel window' at its tip..


This elegant little amethyst and garnet wand is five and a half inches long.

Ref: 15

This stubbly little four inch wand with its copper band, turquoise and amber cabochons packs an energetic punch.

Ref: 016

This is a five-inch wand with handcarved spiral.

Below are wands that have found good homes

This beautiful 5" Iolite wand with stainless steel band has found a good home.

This beautiful chakra wand has found a good home in Northern Ireland.

This lovely rose quartz and amethyst wand has found a good home in Norfolk. UK

This sparkly little wand with a ruiilated capping sphere has found a good home.

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