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Ref: 017  

Elegant Selenite Wand

This elegant 9" hand crafted is carved to maximise ease of handling.  It is a 'solid' wand and includes 'windows' down the 'spine' of the wand.  It may look unassuming, but this wand packs an energetic punch.

Ref: 018  

Selenite Wand

This slender ten inch selenite wand is capped with a clear quartz crystal 1" 'egg'.

This simple wand radiates a soft feminine energy.

Ref: 019

This six inch copper banded wand is created from unusually opaque selenite.

Ref: 020

This stunning tiger's eye wand comes in at nine and a half inches long. The sphere is one of the darkest golden tiger's eye I have ever seen. The cabochons are red and pale golden tigers eye. And the copper band amplifies the wand's natural energies.


This wand has found a good home

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